Helen Keenan


Dipped Toes and Lasting Passions

The thrill of fabrics, threads, stitches and quilts! This is the tale of my quilt-making journey, from first tentative steps to present day quilts – with plenty of stories to share and quilts to show.








Colour Works

A slide  presentation and talk about the inspiration of colour and how to use it to best effect in your own personal quilt-making – and with plenty of quilts and samples to enjoy!



Quiltmaking is my passion, and it is a delight to share that passion with fellow quilters and stitchers.  To that end, two talks have developed over the years, and between them they tell the story of my quiltmaking journey, from first tentative steps, through learning and experimentation, to developing my own voice and style. 


The first talk reveals formative influences as I started dabbling in textiles and, through stories and anecdotes, charts my progress from a muddling beginner to a much more confidant and competent quilter.  Ever one to experiment , once I had learned how to do things the textbook way, I became curious about trying different methods and techniques, and so my current quiltmaking developed, though not without incident, hilarity and above all delight. 


The second talk includes a slide presentation charting the enjoyment which colour gives me, and chronicling the many influences which everyday life have on the quilts I make and particularly on the colours and fabrics I choose.  I show a selection of quilt inspirations along with the resulting finished quilts, and share the stories of their designing and making.  It is a personal approach to colour developed over twenty years of quitmaking, and will hopefully encourage listeners to look at colour all around in a new and different light.


Each talk lasts between an hour and an hour and a half, tailored to requirements, and I like to leave time for questions and answers. And of course, there are plenty of quilts to share at the end too!


Both talks are suitable for both small and large audiences.

For availability and fees, please contact Helen on

01684 575835, or e-mail to helenkeenan@hotmail.com